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Ubiflex Lead Alternative

Where theft could or has been a problem, using an alternative to lead can be the best choice.

For some time now Everitt Lead Roofing have been asked for a lead replacement product that we would recommend and until recently we did not have an answer.

But now we have, UBIFLEX.

We have been installing this product since its launch and for most situations we believe it is a great lead replacement.

We install UBIFLEX flashing for major flat roofing companies in the London area. These roofs are insurance backed and inspected before they can be released with a 25 year guarantee. So that's how good other people who know this business believe this product to be.

We have recently been fitting hundreds of metres of ubiflex flashing in the Hackney area were lead flashing had been stolen causing damage running into tens of thousands of pounds, since the fitting of ubiflex replacement flashing there has been not one case of anyone trying to steal this product so no costly damage caused.

Again installed at fantastic prices.

Ubiflex is a non-lead waterproof flashing material which can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally used to provide a weatherproof junction at features such as changes of direction and materials.