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Lead Roofing with Green Credentials

Almost all new lead roofing sheets are produced from recycled raw materials. The scrap collection and recycling industry for lead is now so efficient that its collection rate is almost 100% which means that very little new lead needs to be dug from the ground. The other bonus for lead recycling is that it is done at relative low temperatures so harmful emissions and energy use are minimised.

Lead Roofing

Cost Effective Lead

If you fit lead roofing correctly you can usually just forget about it. No call backs, no failures, no problems. This means no leaks and no need to ever replace it. Correctly fitted using British standard rolled lead; it will last 150 years. So no need to ever to replace it unlike other roofing materials. So yes it is very cost effective.

Lead is also very pleasing on the eye unlike felt roofs; no bumps or moss and as it ages it gets better looking, there is also something very reassuring knowing you have a quality cost effective beautiful lead roof keeping the elements at bay and adds that quality touch to your property.

Types of Lead Roofing

Lead roofing work carried out by Everitt Lead Roofing includes:

  • Lead Flat Roofs
  • Vertical Lead Cladding
  • Lead Roofed Bay Windows
  • Dormer Windows
  • Lead Slates
  • Lead Lined Gutters
  • Lead Valleys
  • Tapered Gutters
  • Lead Domes
  • Pitched Lead Roof Coverings
  • Lead Cornices
  • Lead Copings
  • Access Hatches
  • Mansard Roofs
  • Lead Chimney Flashings
  • Step flashing
  • Lead outlets
  • Lead collars to pipe extrusions

In fact; any type of lead roofing, we can help