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Just some of the benefits in using Everitt Lead Roofing.

My name is William Everitt, I started lead working 45 years ago as a assistant to a lead worker, over the next few years I was taught the lead roofing trade the from a great tradesman and now own and run a small company of quality lead workers.

We use no subcontractors for our lead roofing and only the best materials for example the right code of lead (thickness) for the job, all our fixings are non ferrous and timber pressure treated. All our work is carried out as to the recommendations of the LSA/LDA

Lead Roofing
Our Promise

I know people can be rightly worried about trusting a lead roofing contractor so here is our promise to you.

  • Once you agree a price with us,
    that price will not change for the work agreed
  • We only use real lead workers
  • We only use quality lead and other materials
  • No deposits will be asked for
  • No part payments
  • Only once the work is completed correctly would we ask for payment
  • Any inspection from any surveyor at any time most welcome
  • All this and at great prices too

If you wish to email us a picture of the job required we can often reply giving you a very accurate price and possibly a photo of a similar completed roofing job.